Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Serious apologies from us at United Nathan Productions. There are no excuses. We can say say that it has been rather hectic around here and we couldn't find the time to blog or we can lie and say that our procrastination has gotten the better of us. Nope. We won't say those things. We won't even mention the box of sick kittens we found out back in the alley that we have been nursing back to health. Sorry, but the blame for not blogging is entirely ours - not the kittens.

We must thank you for your readership and committment to visiting out blog. Understandably, we do recognize the importance of posting on a regular basis. The result of not doing so leads to losing numbers of faithful readers. If anyone has a heart (read the above paragraph about the kittens) you will understand and not remove us from your bookmarks.

Best Regards,
Chief Executive Nathan


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