Sunday, September 02, 2007


Here at United Nathan Productions, we not only make products for television, but we feel proud to support other well made programs. After watching a couple of seasons of Hell's Kitchen, we developed a love/hate relationship with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. He can be a complete jerk - abusing his kitchen staff with slurries of fantastically colorful and outrageous comments, not to mention the plentiful and over the top cursing and incredibly original analogies border that on insulting. What great tv!

What most of Hell's Kitchen viewers aren't aware of, is that the show seems to have had its roots in Ramsay's UK show, The F Word. As Gordon Ramsey states, "The F is for FOOD." I must admit that this show, which lasted three seasons, is damn fine. It not only shows a much more human side of Chef Ramsay, but its content is much more varied and far more interesting.

Not a run of the mill cooking show, but something that reminds me of a variety show... a three ring circus if you will. There is so much going on here - the common theme being the F word. Encompassing all aspects of food, Ramsay ties it together as the show's host. He not only takes the viewer into the restaurant kitchen, but also into his personal kitchen as well as into his personal life where he teaches his children the origins of the food they eat. Novel concept, especially when he decides to raise turkeys in his back yard. Ramsay's own kids are assigned the task of taking care of the birds (all named after famous UK chefs) until their imminent death and subsequent fate as Christmas dinner. Too much to handle? Well, in the second season the family raises pigs, while in the third season, they nurture a number of cute lamb.

As an example of The F Word's varied content, watch as food critic, Giles Coren, examines an alternative source of food... squirrel... yes, squirrels for food. Enjoy!


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